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  • Sheldon J.Levinson

    Please,exspose Dennis Prager,Right Wing Salem Radio host, for his Half-Truths and False Assertions about people and their left of center positions!He is non-stop in demonising us and our chosen candidates! Prager is a,very,persuaive and articulate propagandist.He has many friends among Neo-Con Congressmen and,often,speaks to them as a group.Dennis Prager,The Self-Righteous Pontificator,is polluting the air-waves with contempt and mockery for me and millions of others who don’t see it his way!Again,please, exspose and oppose this divisive and polarizing individual who speaks with the conviction of a Know It All! And I’m sure you realize, that the only thing that a know it all doesn’t know is that he doesn’t know it ALL!! If you could respond to my E Mail above,I,sure, would appreciate that. Much Thanks,Sheldon J. Levinson

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