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“Tax Cut Fever” Is as Nutty as Trump. Who’s Behind It?

August 5th, 2017 · General, Politics, Populism, Taxes

by Joseph O’Shaughnessy

Even the Liberal Media, in the form of the PBS Newshour has touted the success of the economy. Lowest unemployment in decades. Highest stock market ever. You can’t find a home to buy anywhere close to your price. So what is wrong? Why do we need tax cuts? Even if they produced a “stimulus” which they don’t…why do we need them?

We don’t. Nothing is wrong. Not with most of us. And definitely not with the economy. But in Wall Street and among the very rich everywhere, the opportunities to get another million…or, these days….to get another billion easily are topping out.

When you are just putting money into the market at ten million a pop and you only make a return of $300,000 or $400,000 in a week, why, good gracious…the sky is falling. When incomes are so high that investment becomes a parlor game, then currency literally becomes play money to billionaires. So, naturally, not remotely understanding or caring the hardship a tax cut for them will mean for hundreds of millions of other Americans, they stomp their feet and ask for “more.”

So, when everything is already going full speed, how do they make money faster for more and larger planes, boats, castles and private islands? Cut taxes. Let the rich keep ALL their money, they say. With Republicans having no shame whatsoever, feeling that they have no obligation to their constituents and no worry about treating their public office as a right, provided them by the rich, they will eliminate Medicaid for millions of Americans…it’s back to the emergency room for care.

You and I will be expected to get by on bigger deductibles and higher co-pays on Medicare and smaller Social Security checks from which Medicare is deducted.  Republicans want tax cuts for their constituents, the billionaire class (now over 50,000 in this country.)  But, are they more important than whether 50.000 to 100,000 people will die without access to health care as a result of these cuts…needed, the GOP says, so the rich can simply have “more?” [Read more →]

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Obamacare Is Not Collapsing or Spiraling Down. Just Fix It!

July 28th, 2017 · Obamacare, Populism

by Joseph O’Shaughnessy

The Republicans know that the Affordable Care Act, more popularly known as Obamacare is not “spiraling down” or is it irretrievably flawed.

The fact is that Obamacare worked well and, as we will show, continued to improve…and still does in many, many areas…until Senator Marco Rubio’s amendment in late 2014 to an appropriations bill ended the “corridor payments” a common situation in the insurance business, meaning payments to health insurers in new situations where conditions are not accurate enough from an actuarial standpoint to set rates.

Rubio’s amendment, a vicious political act, with a complete Republican Congress in control, when placed on an appropriations bill, meant that the President, then President Obama, could not stop it. The result was to completely pull the rug out from under insurance companies, not just huge ones making tons of money from Obamacare, but small co-ops who were taking a risk in order to offer hope in the form of affordable health insurance to millions who might otherwise, as we see now, not have health care.

Paul Ryan knows this. He is now fool. But he is the bought-and-paid-for lackey of the Koch Brothers. He is also the go-to guy of choice for Donald Trump on many situations. Ryan will work for anyone who will pay him. And he has done it again…this time…perhaps….to someone’s benefit besides his own. Given the connection between Scott Walker and Ryan and the huge number of anti-labor billionaires in the ALEC group, (the Right Wing American Legislative Exchange Council corporate CEO lobbying organization) it would not be a surprise to learn that the proposed  and welcome Foxcomm factory in Wisconsin was a payoff to keep Ryan in office…because it is going to be very clear soon that he has lied repeatedly about health care. And here is one example:

First of all, Paul Ryan never made a single comment when Rubio cut financial supports for health insurance companies out from under Obamacare. He never said a peep when 20 governors denied Medicaid to millions of Americans. In Virginia, just recently, television networks showed free, charitable clinics being sponsored in the western part of the state, as if we were in some foreign country and it was Doctors without Borders. The former Republican governor of Virginia denied his citizens Medicaid, as did many other Red states. Medicaid for the poor and elderly and homeless was free to these states…100% paid for by Obamacare and yet people like Paul Ryan sat by and said nothing as the Republican governor of Virginia denied care to the most vulnerable of his constituents.  But it need not be this way.  [Read more →]

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How Neo-Fascism works. Take Illinois, for Example.

July 23rd, 2017 · Democracy, Fascism, General, Lobbying, Politics, Populism

by Joseph O’Shaughnessy

In Illinois, there is a Republican Governor. And a Democratic legislature, thank God, That Democratic legislature is strong enough to overturn a gubernatorial veto. And it has. But the governor of Illinois, is not your average guy. He is an investment banker, an extremely wealthy man, worth hundreds of millions of dollars,  who has aligned himself with other very wealthy men whom we used to call Reactionaries or Right Wing.

You might be inclined to call our governor, Governor Rauner, of Illinois, a Conservative. And that is what he would like you to call him and it may be true that, at one time, he was a Conservative. But no longer. Conservatives have fought so long and hard for smaller, less service-oriented, less Populist government, that many of them, the richest, have decided merely to buy government.

That is where Conservatism leaves off and propaganda and dogmatic, single-minded, single-party rule begins. And what do we call that kind of rule. Well, it could become monarchy. Or it could be come aristocracy. But in a society where votes elect the rule-makers, it is called Fascism, or a latter-day or “new”–Neo-Fascism.

Neo-Fascism doesn’t put people in concentration camps. It simply creates laws that eliminate certain people from the voting rolls. It doesn’t beat people up in the streets; it simply does not tolerate any opposition or bring any opposing regulation or legislation to a legislature that it controls. It favors the corporations and donors who sponsor the one-party, the Neo-Fascist Party, (100% Republican) that runs that government. It doesn’t say that you can’t have a vote on a Supreme Court Justice. It simply used its total control of Congress to insure that no Supreme Court Nominee can be brought up to Congress for a vote…for an entire year…until a Neo-Fascist Supreme Court Justice can be nominated by an elected Neo-Fascist President.

Fascists created a national party that subordinated its members to the will of the “Leader” (Germans called it “Fuhrer.”) Neo-Fascists create health care legislation that will remove between 20 and 30 million people from access to regular health care. The result would be that, statistically, given the current status of health among Americans, between 200,000 and 250,000 people would die, probably in emergency rooms, over the next five years. Fascists made scapegoats of Socialists and Catholics and Jews. Neo-Fascists make fun of Blacks and Hispanics and the poor and the elderly. And, as recently as 2013, portrayed those thrown out of work by the deliberate Bush/Cheney  Stock Market Crash and Great Recession as “lazy,” “worthless,” “unemployable,” or “slackers.”

Neo-Fascists promoted the idea that being over 50 or not having a graduate degree made you “unemployable.”  And that, they say, is your fault. They are now a new category: the “unemployables.” The Bush-imagined “job creators” created jobs only in Asia. So they needed someone to blame, for their tax cuts that resulted in no new jobs, as Bush had promised. So we created the “part-time job” job.  Statistically, anyone employed for a day is considered employed. That way the Neo-Fascists could blame the problem on the people. “What’s the problem?” they could say. “The unemployment rate is under 5 percent!” So why are people on food stamps but have a job? Because they only work 20 to 30 hours a week so that employers don’t have to pay them benefits.  How do these people stay in power with such atrocious economics? [Read more →]

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Now Do You See What We Mean by Republican Neo-Fascists?

July 20th, 2017 · ALEC, Fascism

by Joseph O’Shaughnessy

If you’re going to be a good Fascist, here’s what you do.

Divide and Conquer. Find a scapegoat, preferably one with some disadvantage, someone who can’t strike back. Find rich, evil, greedy uncaring, perhaps bigoted, financiers and financial supporters…banks, giant global corporations and large numbers of those with inherited wealth. Align yourself with the military…never miss a parade or a chance to salute the flag, shake hands with common soldiers, get the support of those Generals whom you know believe themselves to be part of the establishment, specifically those who do feel this includes the common man. And whatever you do, do not let the people know that you never served in the military and did all you could to avoid it.

Complain about taxes and about how more and more people are becoming dependent on the government, while you cut taxes on people so rich that they don’t even know how much they pay in taxes or how much they have left. Never stop hiring lackeys who will work for good pay, many very educated but with no ethics or morals. Repeat to them what you want them to say–over and over again. You know. That government doesn’t work. Things should always be “spiraling down” or heading for “chaos” or some point of no return…always keep the people in fear of something.

And when the time comes, and all your propaganda should be delivered at millionaire wages by slovenly, fat, rich, radio hosts, or tough-talking but weak, puny-little weasels, who will hide out in remote studios, or skeletal, hollow-eyed, ranting women commentators, so horrific in aspect that people actually look away when they are talking.  Now the experience of our over 1000 Right Wing radio commentators of this kind, traitors to the people, to whom they tell lies for the oligarchs, tells us that this works. It has its effect upon the ignorant, the stupid, the uncaring, the intellectually lazy, the just plain damned fools and bigots. When this propaganda has had the effect that it has had for the Neo-Fascist Republicans, who are about the business of ruining health care for the next 10 years at least, then, Mr. Fascist leader–you’re ready.   [Read more →]

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Miscellaneous Right Wing Attacks on the People

July 18th, 2017 · Politics, Populism, The Budget

by Joseph O’Shaughnessy

There are so many things gone wrong today that we can only list some of them and point out the insanity of the world and the country in which we currently reside.

Hillary Clinton

A survey was recently announced in which more people dislike Hillary Clinton now more than they did during the campaign. Doesn’t this say more about the people who took the survey than it does about a woman who worked her butt off to be top at her high school, then brilliant valedictorian at Wellesley, the most prominent women’s college of her era, then a top student at Yale Law, then a volunteer worker for the rights of poor women and children and blacks in the south, then an advocate for better education for children in Arkansas, then a fighter who humiliated herself before the entire country as she was vilified by hypocritical Republicans, Right Wing Fascists, the health insurance industry and billionaires who do not want to give up another penny so that the poor and the middle class…as they do in every other advanced country…can have affordable health care. She was also, incidentally, along the way, a great Senator and a great Secretary of State. The ONLY reason for her vilification is an all-out campaign by some of the most evil people in this country, who only want to destroy her so that she could never be elected and provide the very thing we are still seeking….rational government and affordable health care. What a bunch of fools Americans are!

Dumpster, the American President

What has the moron done today, you ask? Today, he beseeched his thimble-brained followers to believe that the Democrats, that these pea-brained voters have excluded from government totally and completely, favoring the toadies of the Right Wing Billionaires, that these same Democrats, not involved in the process at at with Senator McConnell, Speaker Paul Ryan and the Neo-Fascists in the House and Senate, were actually somehow partially responsible for the failure of a bill which the Democrats would never vote for in the first place, as it disengages about 24 million people from their health care. Not only is Trump a liar but he thinks that all his dopey followers will believe virtually anything he tells them. But why not? He told Congress to “repeal” Obamacare right now. Don’t wait for new plans, he said. That, of course, would eliminate about 36 million Americans from health care. When you go to your club every weekend and play golf with other Right Wing billionaires, I suppose you have no idea about what is going on in the world anyway.

Senate Budget Cuts Social Security and Medicaid — Trump Lies Again

There is a new budget proposal from Congress, that is, from the Republicans in Congress. As one would imagine, it is a budget by Republicans for Billionaires. [Read more →]

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Don’t play the Trump Distraction Game. Focus on Congress.

July 10th, 2017 · ALEC, Fascism, General, Health Care, Human Rights, International affairs, Medicaid, Medicare, Politics, Populism, Social Security, Taxes, Trump

by Joseph O’Shaughnessy

We’re fighting the wrong wars with Donald Trump in particular and with Republicans in general.

It’s not about refugees coming to America. Banning immigrants without documentation from 7 countries, while perhaps wrong in its method, is not the biggest of our problems. In fact, it is not even the biggest problem for them once they are established in this country.

And it’s not about Trump and Putin. To you, right now, they’re irrelevant. You have bigger problems.

Trump, the dolt, the clod, the playground bully, relegated by his father to a military school to control his impulses, has stumbled into something that has some merit. Not for you. Against you.

Think about it. Trump doesn’t want then here at all…any of them–any immigrants really. Because, as he sees it, they cost him money. And guess what? That goes for every American. He thinks we all cost him money. Not make him money–which he could not make at all without us, but…cost him….money. That is how he thinks.

So how does he try to distract us, just as he learned to do in military school and in business school and in his business life? He uses “fake news.” It isn’t an accident that he uses that term. His whole life is fake news. He uses it as a weapon against people in his personal life, his business life and now against  you. Against the American people. [Read more →]

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Billionaires, Taxes and Inequality

July 1st, 2017 · ALEC, General, Politics, Populism, Taxes, Trump, Wall Street

by Joseph O’Shaughnessy

F. Scott Fitzgerald supposedly said to Hemingway: “The Rich are very different from you and me.” And Hemingway is said to have replied: “Yes, they have more money.” They were both right.

Unlike the billionaire, you can’t take a trip to Europe on a private plane or fly your horse (if you could afford one) to Great Britain on a plane for a horse show or visit one of your nine homes to see how things are in that part of the country. You can’t go to sleep at night knowing that almost anything that can happen to you, any sickness, any accident, any misfortune at all…you can afford. Those are all important things and ways in which those with hundreds of millions of dollars vary more and more widely from those of us who live in the nether regions.

But what is rich in 2017? From a purely monetary standpoint, in the United States it probably means being in the income categories above half a million dollars annually in income. Each area of the country is different, but generally speaking this kind of annual income means that one will likely be able to amass wealth. Wealth, or net worth, the difference between what we own and what we owe, is a measure of how well we are able to hang on to income over time. In places like New York City Los Angeles and San Francisco, costs of living are high and pure wealth is more difficult to attain and requires a higher income.

Here’s what we know about income inequality from revenues and taxes. About one percent of taxpayers in the country have incomes of $1.25  million a year on average. It looks like they pay a little over $300,000 in taxes. Of the roughly $1.23 trillion in taxes paid in total by Americans in 2015, the top one percent paid about 23% of it. They should. They earned about 21% of all income. (About 3 million people)  Another 194 million people, or 63% of the population averaged somewhere between $20,000 and $40,000 per year and paid less than 6% of all taxes. They should. They made less than 40% of the income while representing nearly two-thirds of the population. But that’s not the whole story.  [Read more →]

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Health Care Disaster Is Just the End of a Long, Long Road.

June 24th, 2017 · Capitalism, Fascism, Health Care, Lobbying, Politics, Populism, Social Security, Taxes

The Republican Senate, House, President Trump (sounds so ridiculous!) and the Billionaires have written you out of health care. And they will do more…cut taxes for the rich, end efforts to control air and water pollution, spend untold wasteful, profiteering amounts on the military and gradually shut down Medicaid, Medicare and Social Security.

Unless you act, that is, get out on the street with unions, firefighters, nurses, average workers at restaurants, airports, libraries, hospitals, auto repair shops–everyone–average Americans will lose the future. Right now, wages do not go up because 80% of the income, and there are hundreds of billions earned every year, go to the top 1% while 300 million Americans share the remaining 20%. You wonder why so many people struggle these days? Because Trump is right…the system is rigged. He should know. We elected one of those by whom the system was rigged.

Our American disaster did not happen overnight. The new Republican health care plan to repeal health care for tens of millions did not come into the mind of Mitch McConnell last week. This plan, so cruel and so damaging to the budget and perhaps even the stability of the few remaining Middle Class families, and devastating to the now vastly expanded number of poor working class families (more working people on food stamps than at any time in our history) came about as the result of years of Republican catering to and harnessing the spending power of the worst of the Neo-Fascist Right Wing Rich.

The con-man Donald Trump didn’t appear as if by magic on the political scene. He didn’t appear out of some white puff of smoke. The Republican Party, seeing that the Democrats in 2012, keeping a political campaign going right up until the Convention and then coming together, were able to dominate that election, decided, as usual, with more money from more from the “dark side” billionaires than ever before, supported  an unheard of 16 Republican candidates for President starting about a year early. [Read more →]

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Mitch McConnell Wants to Destroy American Health Care

June 12th, 2017 · Corporations and Industry, Democracy, Economics, Health Care, Human Rights, Lobbying, Medicaid, Medicare, Politics, Populism

by Joseph O’Shaughnessy

The Republican leader in the Senate is trying to rush through a secret health care proposal, bring it to the floor of the Senate without  hearings with Democrats, without amendments…in other words….in virtual secrecy.

So why would the Senate leader, Senator Mitch McConnell, want to do that? The most likely explanation is that he does not want to publicly allow the publication or the broadcast of the details to reach the American public. You see, Senator McConnell does not work for the people of the United States or even the people of his home state, Kentucky. Mitch McConnell is the leader of the Senate Republicans because he is the big breadwinner in the Party He has always been the big money raiser from corporations and large Right Wing billionaire and multi-millionaire donors. And he spreads it around.

This time it is the health care industry. This bill, this bill he wants to keep secret from Americans, and the Senate Republicans want to keep secret, is written for the health care industry. We know some of the provisions. First, it will allow free rein to all health insurance companies to go crazy with rate increases again. One company has already said that under the Obamacare provisions, removed by Republicans, and its “corridor” underwriting (that is, government support of companies surprised by unusual risks that might occur because of unforeseen demographics) rates might go up about 8.8%. Under the Republican proposal, which is secret…but we know the outlines, and we know who benefits….the opposite number—30% increases—are likely. [Read more →]

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Trump’s Lies About Climate Change

June 3rd, 2017 · Obstruction, Politics, Populism, Taxes, The Environment, Trump

by Joseph O’Shaughnessy

The President announced yesterday that he would disengage the United States from the world effort to keep climate change from completely submerging the state of Florida (which may not be all-bad in itself) and burning all our forests to the ground, not to mention a summer heat too hot to even consider playing tennis or golf.

The facts diverge quickly from those provided by Trump. Here are the facts.

    1. He says we will incur “legal liabilities.” Nonsense. We don’t have any more “legal liability” whatever that may mean…most people have no idea what he’s talking about…in the agreement than we do otherwise under international law. Again…probably a lie simply invented to create confusion. The agreement specifically states that there is no legal liability for any participant.
    2. China and India are not the leading polluters, per capita. America and China are the leading polluters per capita, and the U.S. emits more than five times more per person than a much larger and industrially more active China and 8 times more per person than India. But it sounds good to Trump because they have the largest, and in India’s case, the poorest populations. But they have huge problems that we do not have and they are making efforts to reduce their pollution problems, China, in particular, is moving very rapidly. Far faster than we are.
    3. Trump says it will cost $3 trillion to stay in. That’s a Koch-Brothers-Funded, Heritage Foundation think tank lie. The Koch Brothers own the largest polluting companies, have over 4,000 miles of pipeline (talk about liability!) and once paid the largest fine to the government ever for pollution. California proves that clean-air, clean-water and reduced total pollution creates more jobs, not fewer, and makes governments stronger, not weaker.

[

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The Obama Presidency, Looking Back

May 28th, 2017 · Economics, General, Health Care, International affairs, Obstruction, Politics, Populism, Trump, Wars and Militarism

It’s been a quarter of a year now, a little more, since the end of the Obama Presidency. The contrast, and the events that occupy most of our time relating to politics that give us that enormous contrast, lead us to believe that our future may be quite bleak.

So let’s assign a couple of credits right out of the barrel to President Obama. In fact, let’s give him three.

1. He saved America from a giant depression.

First of all, he came to school prepared. When he was persuaded that his election was likely, in late 2008, it is pretty clear that he and his staff focused on what was going to be necessary to save the country from disaster. Later on we can talk about what he did internationally and domestically, but his first job was to save the country. And he did.

Over 700,000 people a month were losing their jobs when he walked through the doors of the White House in January of 2009. By October, job losses had been matched by job gains and the country was beginning to turn around. Unemployment had risen to over 10% and the budget was in deficit, not just for 2009, but as far ahead as the country could see, by over a trillion dollars a year.

It would be four years before he could bring those Bush-Cheney deficits down under a trillion dollars. And in the meantime, the national debt, once balanced under President Clinton, had gone from $5.6 trillion to over $12 trillion. And because of the Great Bush-Cheney Stock Market Collapse and Recession, trillion-dollar deficits would go on for the next four years and add another $4 trillion to the national debt.

It should be noted that President Obama asked for about a trillion dollars in fiscal support from Congress to jump-start the economy but only received about $800 billion of which $300 billion was another worthless Republican tax cut, as useless as the tiny stimuli that George W Bush had enacted during his tenure. Bush and Cheney had cut taxes twice, resulting in huge deficits between 2001 and 2008. [Read more →]

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Comey, Commies, Fascists and Rigged Elections

May 12th, 2017 · Capitalism, Politics, Populism, Trump

There are only two logical reasons why Trump would fire Jim Comey. One is easy and obvious. The other may be hidden and is politically very dangerous.

If Comey was moving forward with investigative lines supported by evidence that the President, or one of his closest advisors had been involved with the Russians in rigging the vote, then the President either had to resign or fire Comey.  And this is whether or not the President personally was involved, or approved what happened or knew about illegal activities and simply did nothing. Musing on your public image while ignoring an apparent felony is no defense.  [Read more →]

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The Trump Republican Tax Cut for the Super-Rich

May 4th, 2017 · General, Lobbying, Politics, Populism, Taxes

by Joseph O’Shaughnessy

Let’s establish one thing right away. The new tax bill proposed by President Trump and Treasury Secretary Mnuchin is a tax cut for the super-rich. For the rest of us, it will bring an average tax cut of about $600 a year. The thing that they don’t mention is that the national debt will increase and they will come back later to cut your Social Security, health care subsidies (not just for the poor) and Medicare. This is already in the works but if this tax bill goes through, it will be certain.

In this age of 1% versus 99% inequality, the plan is so outrageously callous that one hardly knows where to begin. Let’s start with the Inheritance Tax. It goes 100% by definition to the rich. The only people involved at all are those who would have paid taxes if their inheritances were over $5 million–$10 million for a married couple!  So if someone with orange hair says that this tax break does not favor the rich, well folks, he’s lying. The next tax break goes to the uber-wealthy who now pay a 39.6% top rate which starts at $415,000 (you know…the middle class.) Now they will start at 25% (minus deductions of course) but if they own the company, they start at 15% and work down.

Now let’s have a quick test about who…rich or middle class or poor…is getting the best tax breaks.  Which group most closely describes the person making over $415,000 per year, and owning the company? Multiple choice: A. Donald Trump’s buddies, B. Steve Mnuchin’s buddies, C. Dick Cheney, or D. a homeless family. The question answers itself.

Dick Cheney got it wrong. Deficits do matter. They kill programs for child care, pre-school, assistance to the disabled, veterans’ programs, and help for the chronically ill and mentally ill, plus huge numbers of programs that working families deserve. They destroy infrastructures. On the other hand, taxes raise up society.

But now, with the new tax cuts, the rich should be happy.

Some economists. such as Thomas Sowell, the first nationally visible Black economist of the television age, which doesn’t make him a great economist, just the first nationally visible Black economist of the television age, objects to the idea that tax cuts for the rich are damaging. On the contrary he says, “look at revenues they went up more every year under Reagan than they did under previous administrations.” Yes, Thomas, but so did populations, those who pay the taxes. So of course there were more revenues. There are always more revenues as population increases. Duh! But guess what? After the Reagan draconian tax cuts, the national debt tripled! [Read more →]

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Why You Need to Rage Against the Horrible Republican Health Care Bill

May 1st, 2017 · General

The Republicans have been working on an attempt to introduce new legislation on the health care act that will satisfy both the Republicans in the House and the Democrats in the House.

It’s not going to happen. The Democrats will try to protect the people, even though the people voted for the Republicans. Yes, people are basically stupid.

The problem is made more complicated by the fact that the so-called “Freedom Caucus” which is basically Tea Party members supported by Right Wing billionaires seem to be against anything that costs any money at all. And there is no free lunch in health care. We can’t have more tax cuts for billionaires and subsidized health care, which we desperately need as a society. We are the only advanced country where there is no universal health care, paid for in general taxes.

The fact is that the Freedom Caucus, ultra Right Wingers (Tea Party) doesn’t really want health care subsidies at all. It was a Tea Party Senator, Marco Rubio, who gutted the bill in 2015 by slipping in an amendment to an appropriations bill that virtually removed subsidies resulting in the problems with higher premium prices and lack of health insurance offers in some areas.

In this instance as the video shows, they want to pawn off the responsibility for handling subsidized care for those with a previous condition, or as the Republicans call them, “high risk” citizens on the states. If you’ve ever been sick, you are ‘high risk” and your premiums, under the Republican plans, will go shooting up…also if you are lucky enough to get older.

Of course, not everyone not everyone can afford private health care insurance these days. After all, not everyone has a House Member’s $174,000 salary plus expenses for office space, mail and personnel that runs another approximately $1.270,000 per year.So one of the sticking points is that the Republicans don’t want to be on their own health care program. They want to be on one that they have written specially for them.

Here are just some of the problems with the House bill:

  1. It does nothing at all to control the prices of health care insurance premiums. There are no controls because this is a bill written for the health care industry. It relies on trusting the health care industry once again to “do the right thing” for the American people. When will we learn our lesson? Large corporations these days have allegiance to only one thing: profits.
  2. It does not address guarantees or subsidies for those with previous conditions. It leaves the conditions to the states. Well, if you live in about half the states, they were not concerned whether the poorest citizens lived or died. They left them without any insurance at all, and very little health care outside of emergency rooms, at some of which they could be rejected, leaving them to die. We know what happened before. Even a pregnancy could be considered a prior condition.
  3. It eliminates all funding for Planned Parenthood. Abortion is not the issue. The issue is whether a fetus has become the tiniest aspect of a human child. When does it have sentient impulses and when does it feel pain. Doctors say between 24 and 28 weeks. The Churches who want abortion completely removed, easily won the day with the Republicans who are indebted to the backward-looking of science, religion, and finance for their support.
  4.  It will remove all cost-sharing subsidies completely by 2020. This means that the insurance companies (health insurance is mandated as the system to run health care) will be able to charge as much as they want in premiums again, including 5 times as much for older citizens as they charge younger ones. If you are 60, you will pay as much as $2500 for the same policy that a younger person pays $500. Without subsidies, many people will be priced out of the market.
  5. If you have lost your coverage and don’t renew it (by very expensive COBRA apparently) within 63 days, the insurance companies can charge you (and will) 30% more. This is the bill’s…again…insurance-industry-focused attempt to get around the fact that everyone now expects to have continuous coverage that they cannot lose. You can’t lose coverage, but the insurance companies want the money. That means that you pay them more for not paying them continuously.
  6. Medicaid will be sent to the states in block grants. If you think that some states, beholden to oil interests or financial interests have tried to screw you before, you ain’t seen nuthin yet.  They will have the right, for example, to create new insurance plans with insurance companies, to make them affordable but will have no usable coverage. They have already reduced the levels of eligibility and added the option to create work requirement before offering coverage. The whole thing stinks from the top. What they are trying to do is rid their huge corporations and rich owners of the costs of caring for the poor that their own greed has created by sending jobs abroad where they could have been done here. The goal is to phase out Medicaid completely by 2020.

This is the plan. Cut costs. Reduce the standards for health insurance policies. Turn financial assistance to individuals basically from an upfront discount coupon to a mail-in coupon. Citizens will pay their higher premiums…that’s better for insurance companies…but get their subsidy in a tax-credit at the end of the year. Premiums for individual health care buyers, still sold in exchanges, can go as high as the insurance company wants. The poor, the laid off, the unemployed and the elderly are dealt with harshly–30% to 500%!

Watch out Medicare. They’re coming for you next.





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Warning: Health Care Disaster Looming

April 22nd, 2017 · ALEC, General, Health Care, Politics, Populism, Taxes, Trump, Wall Street

by Joseph O’Shaughnessy

Here’s the problem and I’m going right at it because we don’t have much time.

Congress is about to change the rules on health care. You need to wake up and contact your Congressman/woman now. That’s how you can stop it. It is easier than cancelling Comcast. I’ll tell you how to do it later. Or you can scroll down and do it now. If your Congress person is a Republican, it is easy. They are all on board with this legislation and against you. Just call and say…truthfully…that if they do this to you, you will not vote for them.

Here is what is about to happen. The House of Representatives is controlled by two factions of Republicans…the bad guys and the very bad guys. You pay a ton of taxes. Less than Europeans, but enough to complain. They think they’re doing you a favor by even letting you have employer cost-shared health insurance. The rest should all be between you and the health insurance company.

They, meanwhile, are being paid by the insurance companies, through huge campaign contributions, to devastate your health insurance. Here’s what can happen. Let’s say that you lose your job. The old system, before the Affordable Care Act, (Obamacare) is back in place. So you go on what is called the COBRA plan. So now you can buy your old health insurance, the one you had with the company, but you pay your share AND the company’s share. (Who knows what they will say that is…my guess is…suddenly more than your share.) If you are sick, or have had any kind of a disease, maybe mild diabetes, high blood pressure…who knows under the new rules (health insurance industry written rules…look up ALEC on Google if  you don’ t know about it)…you have a pre-condition.  [Read more →]

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