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The foundations of American Neo-Fascism

September 21st, 2015 · Comments Off on The foundations of American Neo-Fascism · ALEC, Capitalism, Corporations and Industry, Democracy, Economics, Education, Fascism, Human Rights, jobs, Lobbying, obstruction, Politics, Populism, taxes, wars and militarism

Hitler, above all, was a racist. He thought that interbreeding between different races was wrong, but not merely wrong—disastrously wrong. He thought that Darwin’s discovery of the laws of evolution extended to humans and races. He was an intelligent, fanatical  and evil man and his dedication to a Fascist world caused the deaths of 50 […]

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Unions and the Middle Class

December 14th, 2014 · Comments Off on Unions and the Middle Class · Capitalism, Corporations and Industry, Culture, Democracy, Economics, Fascism, jobs, Labor, Lobbying, Media, Politics, Populism, Social Security, Wall Street

It’s time we began to look for ways to organize large numbers of people against the now dominant power of the Plutocracy. Unions are a great starting point and a great model. Let’s dispel the Right Wing Fascist notion that unions are made up of lazy thugs. Unions are made up of hard working individuals. […]

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The Astonishing, Incomprehensible Mind of the of the American Neocon-Fascist

July 22nd, 2011 · Comments Off on The Astonishing, Incomprehensible Mind of the of the American Neocon-Fascist · Health Care, jobs, Lobbying, Politics, Populism, taxes

Only today, only in the most recent polls are we beginning to see the larger group of Americans turning around at some of the comments by the Tea Party and the other Neoconservative Republicans and saying: “What did he say? Did I hear that correctly?” Only now are the vast majority of normal Americans beginning […]

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The Massacre of the Middle Class

May 7th, 2011 · Comments Off on The Massacre of the Middle Class · Human Rights, Labor, Politics, Populism

In 2010, Americans were actually called upon to vote whether or not they would like to create an oligarchy, a ruling elite, that would remove all political power from the average citizen. In some states they voted to do it. Now some are saying that they made a mistake and want a do-over. In Wisconsin, […]

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Fascism and Neoconservative Republicans

March 25th, 2010 · 1 Comment · Culture, Media, Politics, wars and militarism

The word “Fascist” as with the terms “Socialist” and “Communist” are thrown around a lot by people who have no idea what they mean. If you want to know what those terms really mean, find someone who was in some branch of military counterintelligence, the CIA, the security section of the State Department, Defense Intelligence, […]

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