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The Koch Brothers, Trump and the Theft of the American Dream

July 4th, 2016 · Comments Off on The Koch Brothers, Trump and the Theft of the American Dream · 2016 Presidential Campaign, ALEC, Capitalism, Democracy, Fascism, Lobbying, Media, Politics, Populism, taxes

Please take a look at the Koch Brothers’ latest piece of propaganda–quite probably the worst and perhaps most consequential lie ever told in a television commercial, (in the right-hand column, under “From the Right.”) Watch it, and then read on. “Look around…” it says. “…America is divided.” The title of the commercial is “It’s Time […]

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Big Oil

May 26th, 2015 · Comments Off on Big Oil · Capitalism, Corporations and Industry, Economics, Labor, Lobbying, Politics, Populism, taxes, Wall Street

Every time you put gas in your car, you support Big Oil, the major oil companies, some of the largest global corporations in the world. To give an example, the top six oil companies take in about $100 billion a year in profits. Not sales. Not revenues. Profits. Among those, Exxon/Mobil in 2013 ranked 1st […]

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The Koch Brothers, Fascism and the 2014 Elections

November 1st, 2014 · Comments Off on The Koch Brothers, Fascism and the 2014 Elections · ALEC, Budgets, Corporations and Industry, Democracy, Fascism, jobs, Lobbying, Media, obstruction, Politics, Populism, Science & Technology, Social Security

There are always conspiracy theorists in abundance. And when it comes to elections, from Kennedy in 1960 to Bush in 2000, some people will have the facts and others will ignore the facts. But facts, even those with the Jon Stewart-described, “known Liberal bias” are difficult to avoid. The fact is that the brothers Koch […]

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Of the Rich and the Poor in America

July 13th, 2013 · 1 Comment · ALEC, Corporations and Industry, Democracy, Economics, Fascism, Health Care, jobs, Politics, Populism

Income and wealth inequality in the United States is on the rise again. The gap between the rich and poor was much smaller from the end of the Depression to the 1980s but things changed with the Presidency of Ronald Reagan. There are numerous studies, the rants and propaganda of Wall Street flacks and Fox […]

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The Planned Koch Brothers’ Political Takeover

February 8th, 2012 · Comments Off on The Planned Koch Brothers’ Political Takeover · Capitalism, Human Rights, Politics, Populism

You must understand one thing. A vote for a Republican is a vote for Neo-Fascist group whose only ultimate political strategy is to put the opposition…who will be in enormous numbers…into concentration camps. Before you scoff and cry conspiracy nut, look at it logically. Citizens United makes it possible…it has already happened…for billionaires to elect […]

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